Taking A Stand

Beginning today, November 28th, we will be collecting donations for our fellow Water Protectors at the Oceti Sakowin Camp, Sacred Stone Camp, and Rosebud Camp.
The needs list changes day by day, so monetary donations are the most practical and can be used for the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund. WE WILL MATCH MONETARY DONATIONS 100%. Proof of Transfer will be provided once the donation drive has ended.
Monetary donations and Items that you wish to donate can be dropped off at both our Dallas location and Colleyville location.
Everything will be taken to the camps personally by us.
Items needed by the camps at the current moment:

Unopened cold medicines/remedies
Plain Milk of Magnesia (no mint)
Bandages/gauze/first aid
Ear plugs
Solar generators
Electric heaters

Please help in any way you can! Even if it's just by sharing this blog
Online donations can be made at

Mni Wiconi