We Stand with Standing Rock

As a spa that was voted Best Holistic Health & Wellness 2016 by Fort Worth Texas Magazine, there's a certain expectation of an all around relaxing vibe and neutrality on all platforms. But as a spa that was also voted World's Best Eco-Friendly Spa 2016 by the International Spa Congress who has devoted itself to the preservation of our only home, we have a duty of care when it comes to the well-being of the planet and it's inhabitants.

That's why Green Lotus stands with Standing Rock.

At the beginning of November, we, the owners of Green Lotus Spa, went to the militant front lines of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. This pipeline has already cut through Sioux burial sites and threatens the main water source of the treaty territory, the Missouri River. This is wrong on so many levels. These sacred sites have all been desecrated and dissected and implanted with an unnecessary dangerous vessel for an already diminishing finite resource.

The front lines of the protest have been met with attack dogs, pepper spray on a near daily basis, sound cannons, flash grenades, and tear gas. The Standing Rock Camps, with a growing population of over 8,000+ (Oceti Sakowin Camp, Sacred Stone Camp, and Rose Bud Camp), have a strict "NO WEAPONS, NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL, & NO VIOLENCE" policy. We witnessed the swift exile of someone a few tents over that was caught with a beer our second night there. Not only is it a liability to the sensitive situation surrounding the occupation, but these are also sacred lands and not to be disrespected. This was not a party. This was not a vacation. This was not a pseudo-burning man. This was a mission. We had, and still have, work to do.





When not standing on the front lines, we volunteered at the medical tents and massive clothing donation areas. We worked along side the elders of the Lakota/Sioux Nation. We were all one spiritual body with a common goal. Protect the water.


Oceti Sakowin Camp clothing donations


So today, we urge you to take a stand. Stand with Standing Rock by donating heavy winter clothing. Stand with Standing Rock by closing your bank accounts at the banks that are funding the DAPL. Stand with Standing Rock by speaking up in solidarity for the Native Americans who are being dismissed and abused by the very people who swore to protect them.

This is a plea and a call to action. Below are some links for ways you can help.

Mni Wiconi,

TJ & Timmy Mundell-Patterson & the Green Lotus Family

How to contact the 17 banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

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Sacred Stone Camp Legal Fund


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